Background Checked

All volunteer parents must be background checked prior to volunteering in the classroom. 


9:00 am  Volunteer parents begin setting up our classrooms with games, manipulatives, and other materials from our Resource Room Based on the weekly theme outlines in your curriculum binder. 

9:30 am - Arrival/Playground

Non-volunteer children arrive at Co-op.  Children begin their day with a few minutes of playground play

9:45 - Big Circle

This is a time of all groups to come together for opening activities led by the director.  We do the Pledge of Allegiance, days of the week, weather, etc.  After a few songs, the children are dismissed to their groups.

10:00 am - 12:20 pm

Each group follows its own schedule of indoor and outdoor activities

  • Indoor Activity Time- art projects, story times, pretend play, science experiments, free play with age appropriate materials, etc.
  • Outdoor Center - messy play, paint, playdough, bubbles, soccer, and parachute games
  • Bike time/playground -
  • Teacher Time - Mrs. Amy leads age appropriate learning activities based on daily themes including counting, letters, and beginning writing activities.
  • Snack/Story Time - Parent provide nutritious sugar-free snacks and 100% fruit juice.

12:20 pm - 12:30 pm - Story Time

All children have story time with the Co-op teacher, while volunteer parents begin clean up. 

12:30 pm - Pick up for all volunteer children. Non volunteer parents finish cleaning and pick up their child from Mrs. Amy's classroom by 12:45 pm.


Mom or Dad volunteer together with another parent partner to lead a small preschool class one morning each week.  You are scheduled on the same morning each week and may choose the age group you wish to teach.  Many (but not all) parents will choose to volunteer with the age group to which their child is assigned.  On other mornings when you are not teaching at Co-op, you may leave your child in the care of other parent teachers.  You are always welcome to stay and play with your child but you can leave knowing that he or she will be loved and well cared for while you are gone. 

Your volunteer day will begin at 9:00 am for setup and end at 1:00 pm. 

How Co-op works


Safeguarding Children

All volunteer parents will complete an online child safety course before volunteering in the classroom.  Once registration is completed, the parent can begin the online course.


All volunteer parents must attend a 8 hour training day that will be scheduled in August before the start of the school year. 

CPR and AED Certification

All volunteer parents must be certified in CPR before volunteering in the classroom.  The directors will assist you in finding a class that you can attend if needed.  Classes are offered every third Saturday of the month at no cost in Winter Garden.  Go to