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The Parenting Experience Cooperative Preschool's goal is for us to provide a rich, nurturing environment for parents and children to grow and learn together.  You as a parent are your child's first and most important teacher.  The preschool is administered by a director and maintained by the parents on a non-profit, non-sectarian basis.  The parents assist the professional teachers and participate in the educational program of all children.

Benefits for Parents

Parents gain insight into child behavior by observing other children.  They observe how other parents and the professional teachers handle various situations and gain greater understanding and enjoyment of their own children through active participation in their education.  They have the opportunity to share their experiences and expertise with others while working together in a cooperative setting.  Parents often form lasting friendships with others as they share the joys of watching their children grow. 

Benefits for Children

Children participate and learn in a supervised play experience with children their own age.  Opportunities to interact with adults other than their own parents help get them ready for VPK.  Children have hands-on experiences in creative arts, music, science, reading, math and language geared to their needs and developmental level. 

Music with Mar

All registered co-op children are invited to participate in the Music with Mar program for free!  Classes are held at the Church of Ascension every Tuesday at 9:30 or 10:30!  No registration required.

Our Curriculum - Play based learning

  • Co-op provides and enriching variety of activities with a "hands-on discovery" approach
  • Our lesson plans include activities in math, science, language arts, pretend play and gross and fine motor development
  • Children have an opportunity to develop social skills such as cooperation, sharing, taking turns, respect and consideration of other children and adults.
  • Through our curriculum and our positive parenting techniques our children develop positive self esteem. 

About Us

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